AI for Agents


Thank you for attending “Artificial Intelligence for Health Insurance Agents.” Below you will find links to the recordings and the slides.

AI for Health Insurance Agents (Part 1) – Opportunities and Threats

View the recording from the April 14th webinar (3 hours).

For those who haven’t seen it yet, the first few minutes were a little rough – I had to pause the presentation to email a couple people who were having difficulty getting in, there were some early audio problems that forced me to call back in, and I forgot to close a poll for a couple minutes. It got better after that, so if you watch the recording, please stick with it. My apologies to everyone who had to endure that.

Download the slides

These will open in OneDrive and  you can download from there.

Medicare Email Template

Sales Brochure Template

Achieving Goals with AI – a Tony Robbins-inspired Guide for 2023


If you have not yet signed up for ChatGPT, I would highly recommend it. Here is the link:

There is a free version, but the paid subsription ($20 per month) will get you access to the much better GPT-4 version.



AI Crash Course

As an alternative to watching the full three-hour presentation, I created a short version covering the most important points from our April 14th class.

View the recording (34 minutes)

Download the slides



AI for Health Insurance Agents (Part 2)

View the recording from the May 18th webinar (90 minutes)

Download the slides


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