Please join on Wednesday, February 26 for a special three-hour CE event entitled “What’s About to Happen?” As everyone knows, this is an election year, and that means that, depending on the outcome, we could see some drastic changes in the not-too-distant future. And those potential changes, among other things, will cause millions of Americans to vote one way or another.

In this webinar series, we’ll explore a number of different possibilities so you can decide for yourself what the best- & worst-case scenarios are herunterladen.

Here’s a listing of the courses and just a few of the topics we’ll discuss

>> Course #1: Let’s Get Political (course #122283)

Right now, there are six Democrats who have a realistic chance of winning the nomination (some more realistic than others): Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and Michael Bloomberg. One of them will be our next President if he or she is able to defeat Donald Trump, but that’s certainly not a given at this point.

Each candidate has very different ideas about what should happen with our health care financing system, and their ability to turn those ideas into cohesive plans and then turn those plans into law will depend, in large part, on who controls the House and the Senate (and by how much) starting in 2021 barcode scanner. That, too, will be determined in the November elections.

With all of the different combinations and permutations of things that could happen, it’s hard to make solid predictions, and we won’t try to do that in this class. But we will explain what the various possibilities are so you’ll have a better idea of what could happen. And, as more Democratic candidates drop out of the race, the number of possibilities will narrow somewhat, which will allow you to make better predictions windows 10 free download 2019.

Nobody knows what’s going to happen. But something IS going to happen, and it’s going to happen quickly, so we need to be prepared. This class is a great first step.

>> Course #2: Medicare for All (course #122305)

Because most of the Democratic candidates support some version of Medicare for All, and because the National Association of Health Underwriters and other groups are vehemently opposed to any form of single payer health care, it’s important to understand what, exactly, Medicare for All means disney plus app samsung tv herunterladen.

The truth is that it means different things to different people, so we’ll compare the Medicare for All bills that have already been introduced and the expanded Medicare bills being offered by the various candidates. We’ll try to determine what the various proposals have in common and what the major differences are.

Brokers need to understand Medicare for All for a couple reasons: 1) Clients are likely to ask about it and will appreciate a concise, accurate, and rational answer download samsung images. 2) If, like many people in the industry, you are opposed to Medicare for All, it’s probably a good idea to know what you’re opposed to.

This class wouldn’t be complete without discussing the chances that Medicare for All could actually become law, so we’ll examine three very real possibilities. Yes, this could actually happen…

>> Course #3: Health Insurance Lawsuits (course #122294)

Of course, what will happen in the November election is not the only thing that’s up in the air stream mit vlc herunterladen. There are also a number of lawsuits that could shake up the industry.

The most important of the court cases is Texas v. United States, which threatens to undo the Affordable Care Act in its entirety. A federal appeals court in New Orleans recently found the individual mandate to be unconstitutional and sent the case back to the same judge who had previously said the mandate cannot be severed from the rest of the law ewe tv app herunterladen. Nearly everyone believes this case will eventually make its way to the Supreme Court, but guessing a timeframe and an outcome is pretty difficult. In this class, we’ll tell you what you can expect.

We’ll also discuss some of the other court cases that could have an impact on our industry, including the appeal of the ruling that put a hold on Association Health Plans, the Supreme Court case about state regulation of PBMs, and the $12 billion risk corridors lawsuit Sky go download and install is not possible.

At a time when bipartisan legislation is almost nonexistent, we can’t rely on Congress to fix what’s broken. Instead, the pattern has been for regulators to propose changes to the existing rules, those new rules to be immediately challenged by supporters of the ACA, and the courts to make a final decision. So this class is really important – we hope you can attend.

“Seating” is Limited

Yes, this is an online event, so technically you can sit wherever you want when attending the classes herunterladen. Or stand – we don’t care. But there are only 100 spots, so we do expect this event to fill up. If you’d like to attend, please don’t wait to sign up.

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Event Details

Date: Wednesday, February 26

Time: The first course begins at 9am, the second at 10:30am, and the third at 12pm herunterladen. Each course is one hour long with a 30 minute break between each one.

Cost: $29 for Season Pass Holders; $49 if you do not have a Season Pass.

Course Info: All classes have been approved by TDI. The CE provider for all courses is LLC, provider number 37719.

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