Video Tutorials

Health Reform

Here are a few video tutorials about important health reform provisions from our “Health Reform in Bite Size Chunks” series. We have a few videos to go. They’ll be posted soon.

MEC & MV: What’s the difference between Minimum Essential Coverage and Minimum Value? (6:12)
Transition Relief for 50-99: Are groups with fewer than 100 employees required to offer health coverage in 2015 application templates word for free? (15:33)
4980H(A) Transition Relief: How do you calculate the across-the-board penalty in 2015? (12:53)
Essential Benefits: What are essential benefits and which market segments do they apply to? (5:38)
The Family Glitch: What is the family glitch and how does it impact an employee’s dependents zum herunterladen markiert? (8:12)
Transition Relief for Non-Calendar Year Plans: When do the employer mandate penalties kick in for plans with renewal dates other than Jan. 1? (27:10)
CMS Resource: News for FFM Agents & Brokers (14:27)
Calculating the Premium Tax Credit: How is the premium tax credit determined for different income levels and household sizes? (10:47)
Calculating the Individual Mandate Penalty: How is the individual mandate penalty determined for different income levels and household sizes dolphins pearl kostenlos downloaden? (10:36)
Cost-Sharing Subsidies: Who’s eligible for cost-sharing subsidies under the ACA and how do they work? (10:30)
Transitional Plans: What are the rules about renewing non-grandfathered, non-ACA-compliant plans? (26:24)
Notice of Coverage Options (Exchange Notice): What is the Notice of Coverage Options and which employers must provide to their employees quittungsblock herunterladen? (16:16)


Health Savings Accounts

These videos were created from our “Crazy HSA Rules” class. Some of them need to be updated to incorporate the current HSA plan deductibles, OOP limits, and contribution limits, but we didn’t want to delay getting them on the site in case they can help someone.

What is an HSA?
How is a High Deductible Health Plan different from a regular PPO plan video herunterladen ohne programm?
What type of expenses can you use an HSA for?
Is an HSA similar to an FSA?
Aren’t HSAs being eliminated by the health reform legislation?
Should I sign up for an HSA?
What’s the difference between an embedded and aggregate deductible Download handlettering?
What if the minimum HSA deductible increases during the plan year?
Who’s eligible to contribute to an HSA?
What type of “other coverage” is ok with an HSA?
When does HSA eligibility begin?
How much can you contribute to an HSA herunterladen?
What if a family member has non-HSA coverage?
Can a Medicare-eligible employee contribute to an HSA?
Can parents use HSA money for their adult children’s expenses?
HSA contributions for partial-year coverage
What do business owners need to know about HSAs urlaubsplaner 2020 zum herunterladen?
Can business owners contribute to an HSA?
HSAs must be established before a claim is incurred
Can I use HSA money for over-the-counter drugs?
What if an employee uses HSA money for non-eligible expenses?
Do HSAs require a lot of paperwork?
What tax forms are HSA account holders required to file jdownloader 2 for free?
How do the HSA investment options work?
What happens when the HSA account holder passes away?


Other Videos

Here are some other videos that we thought you might find useful. Some were created by government agencies like HHS or the IRS. Others were created by solution providers in the insurance industry.

Do you qualify for a special enrollment period fitbit app herunterladen? (HHS)
What is Medicare? (Medicare Learning Network)
Cost Sharing Reduction (HHS)
Advance Premium Tax Credit (HHS)
Health Insurance Marketplace 101 (CMS)
What is an Accountable Care Organization (Florida Blue)
The Story of Medicare: A Timeline (KFF)
Accountable Care Organizations: The Pioneer ACO Model (CMS)
Medicare Parts A and B – Alphabet Soup (CMS)
Medicare Parts C and D – Alphabet Soup (CMS)
Enrolling in Medicare (CMS)