Texas Insurance CE Requirements


Lately I’ve heard from several people that they were told either by TDI or by a CE provider that they’re required to have 15 hours of classroom CE credit and 15 hours of self-study CE credit every license renewal. That’s not true. The requirement is that agents have 30 hours of CE every license renewal. At least 2 hours must be ethics and at least 50% of the total hours must be classroom or classroom equivalent. The other 50% can be self-study, but that’s not a requirement – an agent could do nothing but classroom courses if they’d like.

As a reminder, ComedyCE.com’s webinar CE courses are filed as classroom credit, not self-study.

The CE requirements can be found in Rule §19.1003 in the Texas Administrative Code:

  • (a) Licensees shall complete 30 hours of continuing education within each reporting period, except that licensees holding only a license issued under the Insurance Code Chapter 4054, Subchapter C, §§4054.101 – 4054.103, and Chapter 4054, Subchapter E, §§4054.201 – 4054.208 (limited lines and life insurance not exceeding $25,000) and Chapter 4051, Subchapter C, §§4051.101 – 4051.102, and Chapter 4051, Subchapter E, §§4051.201 – 4051.206 (limited lines and county mutual agent) shall complete 10 hours of continuing education during each reporting period. Licensees shall complete at least two hours of the continuing education requirement in certified ethics and/or consumer protection courses. Licensees may satisfy the remainder of the continuing education requirement by completing certified courses applicable to any license type.
  • (b) Licensees holding more than one license issued under the Insurance Code shall not be required to complete more than 30 hours of continuing education courses, two hours of which must be in certified ethics or consumer protection courses, within each reporting period.
  • (c) Adjuster applicants seeking an examination exemption under the Insurance Code §4101.056(a)(4) shall complete both a certified adjuster prelicensing education course of not less than 40 hours and pass the course examination testing the applicant’s knowledge and qualifications as set forth in this subchapter. Adjuster applicants shall complete at least 30 hours of the course requirement through classroom or classroom equivalent course work.
  • (d) Licensees shall not count any education course credit they receive before the date the permanent license is issued by the department as complying with applicable continuing education requirements. Licensees must complete all continuing education hours during the reporting period. A licensee may not carry forward excess hours completed in one reporting period to a subsequent reporting period and a licensee may not complete hours in any subsequent period to correct a shortage of hours in a previous reporting period.
  • (e) Licensees holding a license subject to continuing education which is prorated by the department to coincide with the renewal of another license and those licensees that are resident licensees of other states or jurisdictions but become residents of Texas between renewals of the Texas license shall complete continuing education on a prorated schedule. The total credit hours required shall be determined at the rate of one hour for each whole month between the issue or last renewal date of the license or the date of Texas residency to the next actual renewal date of the license up to the maximum number of hours required for the licensee during the reporting period. A licensee shall not be required to complete continuing education for a reporting period on a prorated basis if the dates between which the prorated schedule would begin and end are less than six complete months. Licensees completing prorated schedules must complete at least two of the required hours in certified ethics or consumer protection courses.
  • (f) Licensees must complete at least 50% of their required continuing education hours in certified classroom or classroom equivalent courses, regardless of any other license type held by the licensee.


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