Notice of Coverage Options (Exchange Notice) Tutorial


In this video, we discuss the Notice of Coverage Options, sometimes referred to as the Exchange Notice, the information that must be contained in the notice, and which employers are required to provide it to their employees alle spiele kostenloses.

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The Notice of Coverage applies to most employers, whether they offer group health coverage or not herunterladen. The notice must be provided to all employees, both full- and part-time, eligible and ineligible, within 14 days of being hired. Currently, there is no penalty for failing to provide the notice ytd for free.

The primary guidance that we have about the Notice of Coverage Options is DOL Technical Release 2013-02, dated May 8, 2013. Links to that release, an FAQ from the DOL saying that there is no penalty for failing to provide the notice, and the two model notices are provided below herunterladen.

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