If you want to DIFFERENTIATE yourself, you must do something DIFFERENT


This is such a simple idea that I don’t want to clutter it up with a lot of words. So here are just a few quick points that should help you apply it to your business:

1)    As an agent, you want to get your foot in the door with new employers duolingo download android kostenlos. The best way to do that is to lead with something different than the current broker is showing them.

2)    When you do, you’ll want to remind the client why their company is offering employee benefits in the first place: to attract and retain quality employees diashow software kostenlos herunterladen. But those benefits aren’t going to be a deciding factor for prospective employees if they’re basically the same as all of their competitors are offering musik spiele kostenlos downloaden. The employer, too, needs to offer something different.

Putting the two ideas together, you can get into more accounts and win more business by presenting new ideas that will help the employer offer a truly unique benefits package elster income tax notice.

Health insurance fails on both fronts: the employer already has it and all of your competitors are offering it, so it’s definitely not a new idea basecamp downloaden op ipad. More importantly, it’s not unique. That doesn’t mean it’s not important; in fact, it’s the core component of the employee benefits package and is expected by most current and would-be employees herunterladen. But it won’t get you in the door and it won’t serve as the tiebreaker—for you or the employer.

What will? All of those ancillary, voluntary, and “non-essential” benefits that you keep hearing about but keep dismissing because you’re so busy with your health insurance renewals super nintendo games for free.

My advice? Stop dismissing them! Instead, take some time to listen to some new ideas, then share those innovative solutions with your clients and prospects amazon purchased software. You’ll be glad you did – and so will they.

This article was originally posted on LinkedIn and on the freshbenies Broker Blog animal jam downloaden.

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