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In this video, we answer the question “what is the family glitch?” and discuss the various meanings of the word “affordable” under the health reform law vivavideo für pc kostenlosen deutsch.

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While the term “family glitch” isn’t used, the impact of employer-sponsored coverage on an employee’s family members is discussed in the IRS Final Regulations on the Premium Tax Credit Affordability Test for Related Individuals, issued February 1, 2013 how many titles on netflix. Here is an excerpt:

The proposed regulations provided that, for taxable years beginning before January 1, 2015, an eligible employer-sponsored plan is affordable for related individuals if the portion of the annual premium the employee must pay for self-only coverage (the required contribution percentage) does not exceed 9.5% of the taxpayer’s household income mfc100u.dll. While several comments supported this rule, other comments asserted that the affordability of coverage for related individuals should be based on the portion of the annual premium the employee must pay for family coverage herunterladen.

These final regulations adopt the proposed rule without change. The language of section 36B, through a cross-reference to section 5000A(e)(1)(B), specifies that the affordability test for related individuals is based on the cost of self-only coverage flash player video herunterladen. By contrast, section 5000A, which establishes the shared responsibility payment applicable to individuals for failure to maintain minimum essential coverage, addresses affordability for employees in section 5000A(e)(1)(B) and, separately, for related individuals in section 5000A(e)(1)(C) dmax mediathek video downloaden. Thus, proposed regulations under section 5000A, which the Treasury Department is releasing concurrently with these final regulations, provide that, for purposes of applying the affordability exemption from the shared responsibility payment in the case of related individuals, the required contribution is based on the premium the employee would pay for employer-sponsored family coverage dvd cover download for free.

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