Enrollment Periods

In the same way that you wouldn’t wait until you had a wreck to purchase car insurance, the government won’t allow you to sign up for health insurance on your way to the hospital www kostenlose spiele herunterladen.
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Instead, similar to the way it works when an employer offers a group health plan to its employees, individuals will be able to enroll during a certain time of the year Download pdf acrobat reader for free. There are three types of enrollment periods that will allow individuals to purchase a health plan regardless of medical conditions:

Initial Enrollment Period

Since these guaranteed-issue policies are being offered for the first time, the government is giving everyone a 6 month window to sign up for coverage pdf download herunterladen. This is known as the initial enrollment period and it runs from October 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014. People who sign up by December 23rd received a January 1st effective date download itunes purchases. Anyone who enrolls by the 15th of January, February, or March will be effective the first of the next month.

Annual Open Enrollment Period

After the first year, people will have one opportunity each fall to purchase coverage or change their plan herunterladen. This is known as the annual open enrollment period. The 2015 open enrollment period runs from November 15th, 2014 through November 15th, 2015 word excel.

Special Enrollment Period

Outside of the open enrollment period, certain events may allow individuals to sign up for coverage. Examples include life-changing events like marriage, birth, or adoption and other situations like the loss of employer-sponsored health insurance or a change in your income that may qualify you for a subsidy herunterladen.