VIII. Affordability and Affordability Safe Harbors

D. Federal Poverty Line Safe Harbor

Under the federal poverty line safe harbor, an applicable large employer member’s offer of coverage to an employee is treated as affordable if the employee’s required contribution for the calendar month for the lowest cost self-only coverage that provides MV does not exceed 9.5 percent of a monthly amount determined as the federal poverty line for a single individual for the applicable calendar year, divided by 12 herunterladen. This safe harbor is intended to provide employers a predetermined maximum amount of employee contribution that in all cases will result in the coverage being deemed affordable bilder von kamera auf pc herunterladen.

The proposed regulations provide that, in the interest of administrative convenience, employers may use the most recently published poverty guidelines as of the first day of the plan year of the applicable large employer member’s health plan Download youtube videos for mac. One commenter requested that employers be permitted to use the guidelines in effect six months prior to the beginning of the plan year, so as to provide employers with adequate time to establish premium amounts in advance of the plan’s open enrollment period smartphone music. The final regulations adopt this comment.