VII. Identification of Full-Time Employees

A. In General

1. Thirty-Hour Threshold

Commenters requested that the 30 hours of service per week threshold be increased as part of the final regulations, either generally or as applied with respect to certain positions or industries blitz herunterladen. Because the statute is explicit that the threshold for status as a full-time employee is an average of 30 hours of service per week, the final regulations do not adopt these suggestions pdf file download ipad.

Other commenters pointed to employees whose hours of service are restricted by federal or other law, arguing that in such cases a lower threshold should be applied to determine whether the employee is a full-time employee herunterladen. In particular, airline pilots explained that federal aviation law restricts the number of hours that a pilot may fly, resulting in many pilots averaging fewer than 30 hours of service per week despite having what may be considered a full-time position within the standards of the industry Download driver windows 7 for free. However, section 4980H contains no exceptions from the requirement that an employee average at least 30 hours of service per week to be a full-time employee stellarium for free german. Accordingly, the 30 hours of service threshold is not adjusted for any particular industry or position of employment in the final regulations. However, see the discussion of the application of hours of service to certain employees at section VI.C of this preamble Caillou german.