VII. Identification of Full-Time Employees

C. Look-Back Measurement Method

12. Clarifications Regarding the Initial Measurement Period

The final regulations clarify that an applicable large employer member may apply the payroll period rule set forth in ยง 54.4980H-3(d)(1)(ii) for purposes of determining an initial measurement period, provided that an initial measurement period must begin on the start date or any date between the start date and the later of the first day of the first calendar month following the employee’s start date and the first day of the first payroll period that starts after the employee’s start date free youtube download classic fehler beim herunterladen des videos.

The proposed regulations define the initial measurement period, in part, as a period of at least three consecutive calendar months but not more than 12 consecutive calendar months youtube videos herunterladen mit mac. The final regulations clarify that the initial measurement period need not be based on calendar months but instead may be based on months, defined as either a calendar month or as the period that begins on any date following the first day of the calendar month and that ends on the immediately preceding date in the immediately following calendar month (for example, from March 15 to April 14) Download document mac. In contrast, a stability period must be based on calendar months. The final regulations, consistent with the proposed regulations, also allow an employer to base measurement periods on one week, two week, or semi-monthly payroll periods mario bros.