VI. Hours of Service

B. Exclusions From Definition of Hour of Service

3. Members of Religious Orders

A commenter requested clarification about whether members of religious orders must be treated as full-time employees of their orders for purposes of section 4980H Download updates windows 10. As noted in section VI.C of this preamble, the Treasury Department and the IRS continue to consider additional rules for the determination of hours of service for purposes of section 4980H with respect to certain categories of employees whose hours of service are particularly challenging to identify or track or for whom the final regulations’ general rules for determining hours of service may present special difficulties, including hours worked by members of religious orders for the orders to which they belong bookworm kostenlos downloaden deutsch. Until further guidance is issued, a religious order is permitted, for purposes of determining whether an employee is a full-time employee under section 4980H, to not count as an hour of service any work performed by an individual who is subject to a vow of poverty as a member of that order when the work is in the performance of tasks usually required (and to the extent usually required) of an active member of the order minecraft gefängnis herunterladen.