VI. Hours of Service

B. Exclusions From Definition of Hour of Service

2. Student Employees

Commenters from educational organizations requested that special rules apply for determining the hours of service of employees who are also students of an educational organization dwg dateien herunterladen. These comments generally fell into two categories. First, commenters expressed concern about the impact of section 4980H on federal work study programs under which a student receives financial aid in the form of a federally subsidized work assignment download mahjongg for free. Commenters posited that if educational organizations were required to aggregate hours of service performed by the student employee in the context of the work study program with hours of service performed by the student employee for the educational organization in other capacities (for example, a non-work study position with the campus bookstore) in determining whether the student is a full-time employee for purposes of section 4980H, it could discourage educational organizations from hiring students in other capacities in addition to their work study positions getty images bilder herunterladen. Second, commenters requested that hours of service performed for an outside employer by students through an internship or externship program sponsored by an educational organization not be counted as hours of service for the outside employer for section 4980H purposes schreibprogramm word kostenlos downloaden deutsch windows 10. The commenters suggested that, without such an exception, outside employers would be discouraged from offering internships or externships to students, which could have a detrimental impact on the educational system nvidia older drivers.

The federal work study program, as a federally subsidized financial aid program, is distinct from traditional employment in that its primary purpose is to advance education download youtube videos with ton. See 34 CFR part 675. To avoid having the application of section 4980H interfere with the attainment of that goal, the final regulations provide that hours of service for section 4980H purposes do not include hours of service performed by students in positions subsidized through the federal work study program or a substantially similar program of a State or political subdivision thereof bubble witch saga 2 kostenlos für pc. However, the final regulations do not include a general exception for student employees. All hours of service for which a student employee of an educational organization (or of an outside employer) is paid or entitled to payment in a capacity other than through the federal work study program (or a State or local government’s equivalent) are required to be counted as hours of service for section 4980H purposes lenovo error while downloading the packages.

With respect to internships and externships, services by an intern or extern would not count as hours of service for section 4980H purposes under the general definition of hours of service contained in the regulations to the extent that the student does not receive, and is not entitled to, payment in connection with those hours herunterladen. However, excluding hours of service for which interns or externs receive, or are entitled to receive, compensation from the employer from the definition of hours of service for section 4980H purposes would be subject to potential misuse through labeling positions as internships or externships to avoid application of section 4980H download poker for free. The final regulations do not adopt a special rule for student employees working as interns or externs for an outside employer, and, therefore, the general rules apply, including the option to use the look-back measurement method, as appropriate, or the monthly measurement method.