II. Minimum Essential Coverage, Minimum Value and Affordability (Sections 5000A & 36B)

A. Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC)

MEC is defined in section 5000A(f) and the regulations under that section excel vba datei downloaden. Section 5000A(f)(1)(B) provides that MEC includes coverage under an eligible employer-sponsored plan. Under section 5000A(f)(2) and § 1.5000A-2(c)(1), an eligible employer-sponsored plan is, with respect to any employee, (1) group health insurance coverage offered by, or on behalf of, an employer to the employee that is either (a) a governmental plan within the meaning of section 2791(d)(8) of the Public Health Service Act (PHS Act) (42 U.S.C clipart for free. 300gg-91(d)(8)), (b) any other plan or coverage offered in the small or large group market within a State, or (c) a grandfathered health plan, as defined in section 5000A(f)(1)(D), offered in a group market, or (2) a self-insured group health plan under which coverage is offered by, or on behalf of, an employer to the employee podcast app downloaden. Section 5000A(f)(3) and regulations thereunder provide that MEC does not include coverage consisting solely of excepted benefits described in section 2791(c)(1), (c)(2), (c)(3), or (c)(4) of the PHS Act or regulations issued under these provisions download for free against the time games german. See § 1.5000A-2(g).