Question 10:

Is an HRA that has fewer than two participants who are current employees on the first day of the plan year (for example, a retiree-only HRA) minimum essential coverage for purposes of Code §§ 5000A and 36B unlocker download?

Answer 10:

Yes. The Treasury Department and the IRS understand that some employers are considering making amounts available under standalone retiree-only HRAs to retired employees so that the employer would be able to reimburse medical expenses, including the purchase of an individual health insurance policy Download teletubbies german. For this purpose, the standalone HRA would constitute an eligible employer-sponsored plan under Code §5000A(f)(2), and therefore the coverage would constitute minimum essential coverage under Code §5000A, for a month in which funds are retained in the HRA (including amounts retained in the HRA during periods of time after the employer has ceased making contributions) pokemon gold herunterladen. As a result, a retiree covered by a standalone HRA for any month will not be eligible for a Code § 36B premium tax credit for that month. Note that unlike other HRAs, the market reforms generally do not apply to a retiree-only HRA and therefore would not impact an employer’s choice to offer a retiree-only HRA download creed 2.(10)

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