II. Background

B. Employer Payment Plans

Revenue Ruling 61-146 holds that if an employer reimburses an employee’s substantiated premiums for non-employer sponsored hospital and medical insurance, the payments are excluded from the employee’s gross income under Code §106 mp3 von website downloaden online. This exclusion also applies if the employer pays the premiums directly to the insurance company. An employer payment plan, as the term is used in this Technical Release, does not include an employer-sponsored arrangement under which an employee may choose either cash or an after-tax amount to be applied toward health coverage itunes pictures download for free. Individual employers may establish payroll practices of forwarding post-tax employee wages to a health insurance issuer at the direction of an employee without establishing a group health plan, if the standards of the DOL’s regulation at 29 C.F.R amazon spiele erneut downloaden. §2510.3-1(j) are met.

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