The Paperwork Burden

Course Name: The Paperwork Burden
Course Number: 99752
Provider Name: LLC
Provider Number: 37719
CE Credits: 1 hour


Course Overview

For employers, one of the biggest challenges of the Affordable Care Act has been an increase in their already-burdensome compliance and reporting requirements mmd download kostenlos. There are new documents to distribute, like the Notice of Coverage Options and Summary of Benefits and Coverage, new reports to file, like the 1094C and 1095C, and a lot of difficult calculations to perform ard mediathek podcast. That’s on top of all of the old compliance requirements, like HIPAA, COBRA, and more. No wonder business owners and HR managers are ready to pull their hair out aufnahme downloaden. For brokers, all of the new rules create additional work as they try to answer their clients’ questions while being careful to not to cross a line and give legal or tax advice — it’s a delicate balance kostenlos grusskarten downloaden. In this class, we’ll take a look at the old and new requirements, try to explain them in simple terms, and suggest how brokers can use these cumbersome paperwork requirements to their advantage filme seiten zumen.