The Doctor Shortage and Market-Based Solutions

Course Name: The Doctor Shortage and Market-Based Solutions
Course Number: 102354
Provider Name: LLC
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CE Credits: 1 hour


Course Overview

In an effort to keep premiums under control and reduce the risk of adverse selection, most insurance carriers offering coverage in the individual market have reduced the size of their provider networks and eliminated out-of-network coverage over the past couple years herunterladen. This has frustrated consumers and made it difficult to find plan options that include their clients’ favorite providers. These narrow network plans are being introduced at a time when there’s a real doctor shortage in this country: over the next five to seven years, experts say that we could be short tens of thousands of doctors, and the problem is only getting worse download google agenda. Both of these trends create a need for other options, and the market is delivering some much-needed solutions. In this course, we examine the provider shortage and present a number of market-based solutions that brokers can recommend to their clients dj mixer zumen.