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Pro-Bono Opportunities for Insurance Agents

Course Name: Pro-Bono Opportunities for Insurance Agents
Course Number: Pending Approval from TDI
Provider Name: ComedyCE.com LLC
Provider Number: 37719
CE Credits: 1 hour


Course Overview

Most people don’t grow up wanting to be a health insurance agent, but once in the insurance industry, most agents like their job and really want to keep it aris download for free. Agents enjoy above-average incomes, the opportunity to work a flexible schedule, and the chance to help people in the process. Because they work with a product that has a direct impact on the quality of their clients’ lives, and because of their interaction with a large number of clients and prospects, insurance agents are uniquely positioned to do a whole lot of good without a whole lot of effort downloaden youtube films. The question is: do agents have an ethical responsibility to take advantage of this opportunity to help people?