Possible Changes for Non-ACA Plans

Course Name: Possible Changes for Non-ACA Plans
Course Number: 106453
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Course Overview

As we all know, the purpose of the individual mandate, which requires people to have minimum essential coverage or pay a tax penalty, is to reduce adverse selection by encouraging everyone to buy coverage adobe photoshop cs2 gratisen nederlands. However, some people who don’t have an immediate medical need have determined that it’s less expensive, even after the penalty, to purchase a short-term or limited medical plan instead of an ACA-qualified plan apps herunterladen mit face id. Unfortunately for brokers and their clients, HHS doesn’t like this strategy. In this course, we’ll learn about the efforts to restrict these non-ACA options, hear what the courts have to say about it, and examine the new administration’s stance on these non-ACA solutions youtube videos ohne programm herunterladen.