How to Advise Medicare-Eligible Employees

Course Name: How to Advise Medicare-Eligible Employees
Course Number: Pending Approval from TDI
Provider Name: LLC
Provider Number: 37719
CE Credits: 1 hour


Course Overview

While agents who hold a Life & Health license are authorized to sell a number of different products, many choose to specialize in a particular market segment – group, individual, or Medicare herunterladen. However, with the first wave of baby boomers now eligible for Medicare and more and more people working past age 65, the lines between these segments aren’t always so clear ls19 courseplay. Agents who previously specialized in small or large group health insurance are now being asked to advise employees about whether they should stay on the employer-sponsored plan, sign up for Medicare, or both download proverbs for free. And, for an agent without a thorough understanding of the Medicare rules, it’s easy to give bad advice.

So, while group health brokers may not sell Medicare products, it is crucial that they have a thorough understanding of Medicare cost, eligibility, and penalties if they want to provide sound advice to the employees of their group clients download video zdf. And though they cannot instruct the employee to drop the group plan in favor of the government program, they can educate them about their options and make sure that they’re making the best decision for themselves and their families download zooeasy for free. This course will help them do just that.