Filling The Gaps in Today’s Health Plans

Course Name: Filling The Gaps in Today’s Health Plans
Course Number: 102604
Provider Name: LLC
Provider Number: 37719
CE Credits: 1 hour


Course Overview

Remember back when your clients could buy a comprehensive health plan with a low deductible and out-of-pocket limit, low up-front copayments for doctor visits and prescriptions, and a huge provider network with all of their favorite providers dvd cover download kostenlos? Not anymore… Over the past few years, we’ve seen out-of-pockets rise, copays go away, and networks shrink. Comprehensive plans that provide the protection your clients would like, if they still existed, would likely break the bank excelen free mac. For that reason, it’s necessary to sell them plans with much bigger holes than they’re comfortable with and then find other solutions to help them fill those holes videopad video editor for free. In this class, we’ll discuss some of those solutions so that you can piece together a package that meets your clients’ needs and budgets.