CDHC for Beginners

Course Name: CDHC for Beginners
Course Number: Pending Approval from TDI
Provider Name: ComedyCE.com LLC
Provider Number: 37719
CE Credits: 1 hour


Course Overview

As health insurance premiums continue to rise, employers are searching for a solution, and increasingly they’re finding consumer-directed plans to be a good fit for their companies and for their employees herunterladen. Of course, most employers are only exposed to these consumer-driven options if their agents recommend them, and a lot of agents still aren’t on the CDHC bandwagon – they don’t understand how the plans work and aren’t comfortable discussing the various components with their clients ard mediathek videos herunterladen. This course is designed to bring attendees up to speed about Consumer Directed Health Plans and, with any luck, turn them into fans of “health care consumerism.”