A Better Way: The Republican Replacement Plan

Course Name: A Better Way: The Republican Replacement Plan
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Course Overview

America has been waiting a long time for the “replace” part of the Republicans’ “repeal and replace” proposal download music from youtube windows 10. At long last, we have it, or at least the beginnings of it. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and some of his Republican colleagues have introduced a 37-page white paper called “A Better Way” that’s meant to be a conversation starter about an ACA replacement whatsapp sticker for free. The paper provides a number of ideas about what the Republicans would do to fix our country’s health care mess, including some oldies-but-goodies like coverage across state lines, some old rules like broader age bands, and some controversial ideas like capping the employer exclusion james bond filme downloaden. In this course, we’ll take a long look at the paper and evaluate each of the major proposals.