ACA Title I

The Affordable Care Act is a huge piece of legislation, but the often quoted length of the law (nearly 2,500 pages) is a bit misleading prime video herunterladen macbook. It’s written in a weird font with really wide margins, the lines are numbered, and it’s double-spaced.

More importantly, though, the majority of the document doesn’t actually apply to insurance agents and employers herunterladen. There are 10 titles in the legislation (think of them as chapters), and while bits and pieces of the other 9 are applicable, most of the stuff we’ve been talking about for the past four years can be found in Title I, including the individual mandate, premium tax credits and cost-sharing subsidies, market rules, and employer mandate herunterladen.

So, to make the important provisions easier to find, we’ve reformatted Title I and inserted a clickable Table of Contents. Click the link below to take a look videos from website. You may want to increase the view size on your browser to 150-200%. To open the document in a new window, right click on the button and select “open in new window” ls17 vollversion kostenlos downloaden.

Title I – Formatted