A Practice Management Tune Up


In this interactive session, presented live at Health Reform 2016, Wayne discusses several topics important to solo and partner insurance agencies:

  1. Preparing your day
  2. Essential tools of today – software, databases, office/practice management applications, smart phone apps, websites, cloud computing
  3. Benefit Management Software – a must for agents in the benefit space
  4. Ongoing Targeted Planning – defining & redefining your targeted markets on a regular basis – what gets you excited every day
  5. Understanding Your Market – Get to Know the Carriers & Competition
  6. Lead Generation – online leads or targeted leads – working it thoughtfully through to successful outcomes
  7. Prospecting through Referrals – clients, insurance agents, professional associations
  8. Are you covered – E & O, personal insurance – life, health, disability, LTC
  9. Annual Review of Practice – Do you have all you need in your back pocket?
  10. Compliance & Continuing Education
  11. Planning ahead – where do you want to be tomorrow? Is it all about money or satisfying your clients?

Wayne’s hope is that every attendee should be able to obtain at least one idea that will useful in his or her practice.

Download a PDF of the Presentation

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