A Crash Course in Employee Benefits

Thanks for signing up for “A Crash Course in Employee Benefits.” This online event actually consists of eight separate one-hour webinars spread over a two-day period amazon prime wieviel filme herunterladen. Please click each of the links below to register for the eight courses separately. Note: while you will get the most out of this event if you attend all eight hours, these are stand-alone courses and you will get credit for the courses you attend even if you do not attend all eight classes hoe apps op smartphone.

Hour # Day Start Time Course Name Course #
Hour 1 Thu 9am Crash Course: The History of Employee Benefits 118193
Hour 2 Thu 10am Crash Course: Types of Health Plans 118194
Hour 3 Thu 1pm Crash Course: Insurance Rules & Regulations 118195
Hour 4 Thu 2pm Crash Course: The Employer Mandate 118196
Hour 5 Fri 9am Crash Course: Tax Advantaged Accounts 118198
Hour 6 Fri 10am Crash Course: Supplemental and Ancillary Benefits 118199
Hour 7 Fri 1pm Crash Course: Increasing Employer ROI 118200
Hour 8 Fri 2pm Crash Course: Compliance 118201

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